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About the Webinar

You’ve heard the buzz about microservices -- they take the burden off IT and help you deliver innovation rapidly and extend to touchpoints your legacy platform couldn’t dream of.

But what are the practical applications of microservices for ecommerce?

Join Linda Bustos, Skava’s director of digital retail strategy for a deep dive into specific ways brands and retailers like you can leverage microservices to transform your digital experience and deliver true commerce anywhere.

You'll learn how microservices can help you:

  • Bypass 4 key limitations of monolithic platforms
  • Beat your release cycle
  • Make better merchandising decisions based on real-time data
  • Integrate with emerging touchpoints such as AI and chatbots in rapid time
  • Create new customer acquisition opportunities
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Linda Bustos is the director of digital retail strategy at Skava. A recognized ecommerce blogger, speaker and consultant, Linda has worked with some of the world's largest brands including Intuit, Google, Fandango, Dell, Etsy, Time and Symantec on digital strategy and conversion optimization, and provided expert opinion to Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Time, The New York Times and LA Times. Prior to joining Skava, Linda published the GetElastic Ecommerce Blog and Ecommerce Illustrated.


Practical Applications of Microservices in Ecommerce

About the Speaker

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