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Ecommerce replatforming is a costly, time-consuming and burdensome endeavor -- no one wants to do it if they don’t have to. If you’re pushing the limits of your legacy system, there’s good news -- there’s a modern alternative to replatforming.

Strangling Your Monolith

1. The pitfalls of “Big Bang” replatforming projects

2. How top retailers like Best Buy and Staples avoided a “Big Bang” with the Strangler Pattern

3. The benefits of a modern, microservices architecture 

4. The answers to frequently asked questions about microservices migration

Download the white paper to learn how you can bypass 'Big Bang' replatforming with microservices.

Rather than rip-and-replace your legacy monolithic platform for a new one, the Strangler Pattern allows you to  migrate module by module to a new architecture that takes advantage of the flexibility and agility of microservices. Migrate at your pace, your way, and deliver innovation and upgrades to critical functionality with minimal disruption to operations. 

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