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Are you outgrowing your commerce platform? Is code delivery so slow and risky you can’t keep pace with your customer and competitors? Can you afford to wait months (or years) for bug fixes or new functionality? Typical replatforming is a costly, time-consuming and burdensome endeavor -- no enterprise wants to do it if they don’t have to.  But there is a modern alternative to get you where you should be without the pain of a “Big Bang” rip-and-replace project. 

In the upcoming webinar, Strangle Your Monolith, Not Each Other, we introduce the Strangler Pattern as an alternative to “Big Bang” replatforming. Rather than trade your legacy monolithic platform for a new one, enterprise brands and retailers can migrate module by module to a new architecture that takes advantage of the flexibility and agility of microservices. 

In this webinar, you will learn

  • The problems of “Big Bang” replatforming

  • How you can bypass a “Big Bang” with the Strangler Pattern

  • The benefits of a modern, microservices architecture

  • Industry use cases and best practices for employing the Strangler Pattern


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Linda Bustos
Director of Digital Experience Strategy, Skava

Dave Barrowman
Vice President, Head of Innovation, Skava

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