The Power of Microservices

The benefits of a microservices architecture

Legacy monolithic platforms are tightly coupled, cumbersome, and slow to innovate on. Enterprise companies are finding the fallbacks of a legacy monolith and are migrating to a microservices architecture. 

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Break up with your monolith

Discover New Possibilities with Microservices

Customers are rapidly evolving. Many enterprise companies are falling behind. A microservices platform jump starts your digital commerce journey to help you keep pace with your customers. Modern, modular, and hyper-flexible, business and IT teams are empowered to experiment fearlessly and innovate with new technologies that are on the horizon. Learn how Skava Commerce, a microservices-based architecture, compares to a monolith and the vast differences that can change the way you build your commerce experiences. 

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“With microservices, you can create an architecture ecosystem that allows you to change anytime, all the time.”

- Accenture