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About the Webinar

Today’s retail market is shaped by rapidly changing customer behaviors online and in-store. Retail leaders are faced with the increasingly complex challenges of evolving their digital commerce experiences to keep pace with their rapidly evolving customer expectations.

Skava is hosting this webinar featuring a guest speaker from Forrester to discuss how to make it easy to experiment with new ideas, tinker with the customer experience and build a state of the digital commerce system to ultimately drive revenue growth, without throwing out what you already have.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of digital commerce transformation in today's retail market

  • Why it’s critical to continuously and quickly make changes as your business evolves

  • How to strike balance between brick and mortar and digital commerce

  • The role of modularity in modern commerce


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Brendan Witcher
Vice President and Principal Analyst, eBusiness & Channel Strategy, Forrester        


Jon Feldman
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Skava

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Exploring New Customer Journeys in an Omnichannel World

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