Where are you on the digital transformation journey?

Enterprise leaders know that digital transformation is critical to survival. Are you on the right path?

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3. How DevOps and CI/CD support digital transformation

4. How microservices are reshaping digital transformation

Why is digital transformation important?

93% of CXOs believe digital is disrupting their business (Forrester)

CEOs expect digital to drive 41% of revenue by 2020 (Gartner)

Listen to the podcast episode, what is digital commerce transformation?


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The opportunity for digital transformation is here. How will you differentiate and stay competitive?

Ideas are easy, implementation is hard. Keeping pace with growing customer expectations can be tough, testing is tedious and change introduces risk.

For these reasons, organizations are embarking on a digital commerce transformation journey—a migration towards a modular technology environment that can easily extend to new touchpoints and support quick deliverability and scalability.


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