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Linda Bustos is the director of digital experience strategy at Skava. A recognized ecommerce blogger, speaker and consultant, Linda has worked with some of the world's largest brands including Intuit, Google, Fandango, Dell, Etsy, Time and Symantec on digital strategy and conversion optimization, and provided expert opinion to Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Time, The New York Times and LA Times. Prior to joining Skava, Linda published the GetElastic Ecommerce Blog and Ecommerce Illustrated.

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To keep pace with customer expectations and close experience gaps across touchpoints, retailers are making serious investments to extend digital commerce beyond their .com storefronts into physical stores. 

But technological and operational constraints still make it difficult to extend commerce to new touchpoints without significant cost, time and risk. Business and technology leaders are increasingly looking to microservices to bridge the digital and physical divide.

What’s Inside

  • How retailers are using digital in-store and key focus areas of investment

  • Why extending digital to physical stores is still challenging for retailers

  • How modern and modular technology supports in-store digital use cases

  • Practical applications for microservices in-store, including PIM, Inventory, Promotions, Accounts, Content Management, Order Management and Checkout

What You'll Learn
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